Elevate workplace diversity, equity and inclusion through education programs

Build up your diversity in the workplace by providing access to education and supporting workplace equity.

Education is the great equalizer

For many, diversity in the workplace has been limited due to systemic barriers to quality education. Now, organizations have the unique opportunity to break down these barriers to drive positive business and social impact through equal access to education for underrepresented communities.

Enable a diverse talent pipeline

Lack of racial and ethnic diversity is evident at each career level, with white employees holding 77 percent of manager level and 85 percent of executive-level jobs.

Create access for all employees

Certain populations have less access to higher education with 15 percent of Black and 33 percent of Hispanic U.S. adults having no high school diploma.

Increase profits and business impact

Companies with ethnically and gender-diverse leadership teams are 36 percent more likely to experience above-average profitability.

Lead DEI change for your industry

Expectations are high for corporate CEOs, with 64 percent of people globally expecting CEOs to lead social change.

Deliver career-boosting education and diversity programs in the workplace

Achieve your DEI goals

Empower your company with a customized education program strategically aligned with your business goals to deliver business and social impact, whether building your diverse talent pipeline or filling skills gaps across your organization.

Accelerate impact ​

With 1,500+ programs provided by a best-in-class, online, global academic network, a strategic education program offers an accessible path for every employee. The programs are flexible, relevant, scalable and designed for immediate applicability.

Activate your program

Our white-label technology platform, paired with tailored marketing to support employees in their unique needs, enable companies to attain higher enrollment and meet the diverse education needs of your employees.

How education impacts the lives of learners

“Once I realized going back to school was a real possibility, that it was within reach, I knew it was going to happen for me. I got a second chance, which is really amazing!”

Dave | Gila River Rise Up graduate

Drive positive organizational change with diversity and inclusion training and courses from top academic institutions

Lean on the collective knowledge at some of the top universities and education providers to help you navigate workforce diversity challenges. 

Through InStride, you will have immediate access to high-quality diversity and inclusion training and the opportunity to partner with our academic network to create equity-inspired programming for your business.

Custom anti-bias training

Through their efforts, Starbucks sought
to effect change not only inside their company, but also to motivate other companies to think about the role of bias in the workplace. The training reached more than 175,000 people in more than 8,000 Starbucks locations in North America.

Diversity and inclusion professional development

Customizable program topics developed for individuals and teams, no matter their job level. This programming focuses on the values and skills of multiculturalism, inclusion, respect and collaboration to build workplace cultures of genuine inclusions and collaboration. 

Diversity, inclusion and social justice

Focuses on delivering the English skills to understand the historical foundations of inequality and the unfair oppression of systems. Throughout the course, learners will be able to examine diversity and inclusion in the contexts of the media, the arts and professional spaces.

Ready to drive DEI change?

InStride can work with you to create a custom education program that meets your diversity, equity and inclusion needs.