Engage and retain your employees

Your people make the difference. Offer education paths that are valuable to them, so your company and employees can grow and achieve together.

Improve employee engagement, reduce expensive turnover

Staff retention is a significant challenge for organizations and failing to keep great employees engaged is expensive.


It costs an average 2x an employee’s annual salary to hire a replacement or backfill.


33 percent of new talent acquisition costs are hard expenses like recruiting and training.


Two-thirds of costs are soft expenses like reduced productivity and lost knowledge.

A top employee request

A lack of talent development and growth opportunities is one of the top reasons why employees move on from an organization.

Paths for everyone

Unlike other programs, education through InStride is tailored to meet everyone in their learning journeys to help them grow and succeed at your organization.

Valued by employees

Top-tier academic institutions and desirable credential and degree programs offer options that employees are willing to stay for.

Cut high-turnover rates

Traditionally, hospitality and service worker positions have high turnover rates. But do they have to be that way?

Aramark partnered with InStride to provide their employees access to education opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to obtain, which contributed to reduced turnover and greater employee engagement.

Drive meaningful employee engagement

Retaining employees isn’t just about keeping employees, it’s also about ensuring that they feel fulfilled and engaged at work while they access life-changing education. InStride offers a way to:

  • Provide valuable education that creates deeper fulfillment for employees
  • Drive improved performance through higher employee engagement
  • Extend engagement beyond the employee to their family, through dependent education opportunities

Calculate your own ROI

Your education program can pay for itself with reduced turnover and meaningful employee engagement. Use our calculator to find out how much you can gain with your workforce education investment.

Retaining your workforce is possible

Engage and retain your employees by unlocking educational opportunities.