Leveraging a strong university partnership to initiate change

In 2018, Starbucks closed all of its U.S. stores to conduct anti-bias training after a racially-sensitive incident at one of their stores. Over the next year, Starbucks, with the help of Arizona State University, rolled out a series of modules focused on engaging with empathy, gratitude, building diverse teams and more.

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A global call for more understanding

Through their efforts, Starbucks sought to effect change not only inside their company, but also to motivate other companies to think about the role of bias in the workplace. The training reached more than 175,000 people in more than 8,000 Starbucks locations in North America.

Example anti-bias training modules from Starbucks:

Welcoming Dialogue on Racial Bias

This To Be Welcoming course is a starting point for learning about race and bias. This course provides tools for thinking critically about race and anti-racism in the United States.

Welcoming Dialogue on Nationality Bias

This To Be Welcoming course defines national origin discrimination and considers the differences between nationalism and patriotism, and how we talk about national origins, identities, and bias.

Welcoming Dialogue on Sexuality Bias

This To Be Welcoming course identifies biases affecting LGBTQIA communities and introduces key terms and concepts that help us understand what we mean by sexual identity and LGBTQIA.

Welcoming Dialogue on Gender Bias

This To Be Welcoming course defines gender to consider questions about gender equality . The course will break down biases about gender, while creating opportunities for meaningful dialogue.

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