DSP InStride Agreement

Term: 1 year from date DSP signed up on the Next Mile sign-up page.

Program Scope:

Eligible Learner Criteria

All Company employees (excluding DSP owners, their spouses and dependents) who have worked on average three or more days per week over a 3-month period, with tenure as selected by DSP on Next Mile sign-up page

Company’s Financial Coverage for Eligible Learners
Up to $5250 per calendar year per Eligible Learner
Subscription Fee
$100 per year
Amazon will reimburse DSPs for costs of those employees who meet the reimbursement eligibility criteria of 90 day tenure and 3 days average work per week.

If DSP selects a tenure category of less than 90 days, DSP will be responsible for costs of employees until they have been employed by DSP for over 90 days.
Security Deposit
$750 if DSP selects employee eligibility tier of less than 90 days’ tenure

N/A if DSP selects employee eligibility tier of 90 days or more

Your holistic education program includes:

  • Dedicated site for DSPs

    Landing page with key program information, how it works, FAQ, and formal opt-in form

  • Engagement and marketing

    Customized DSP engagement with ongoing campaigns, toolkits, webinars and more

  • Data and reporting

    Access to reports and tools to monitor program participation metrics

  • Billing and finance

    Streamlined process with recurring invoices detailing employee tuition and courses taken

  • Support

    Dedicated support team for DSPs available through phone and email

  • Next Mile-branded learner experience

    Helps Learners confirm eligibility and understand the education options – all easily accessible and online – available to them

  • Next Mile-branded learner engagement assets

    Build and execute a communications plan, including customizable assets, both for the initial launch and on an ongoing basis to drive awareness and engagement

  • Career education paths

    InStride will curate online education from top-quality academic institutions aligned with DSPs’ career development needs

Additional services include:

  • Personal Education Advisors

    Support Learners in defining their long-term goals and building a path to attain them

  • Tuition Reimbursement

    Provide learners access to virtually any accredited program through InStride’s integrated reimbursement solution (once launched in mid-2023)