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Strategic enterprise educationTM (SEE) helps organizations move beyond the traditional internal and external education programs that have limited impact on your business. Through strategic guidance, a top-tier academic network and advanced forward-thinking experiences, we deliver measurable success for learners and corporate partners.

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What is strategic enterprise education?

Strategic enterprise education helps corporations achieve business growth and deliver social impact through quality online education for their employees.

Traditional education programs don’t work




Corporations today spend over $180B each year on internal and external education programs, but the impact is limited with less than 2% of employees using these programs and minimal demonstrated impact. 

InStride's mission

"We founded InStride to scale programs that make an impact. Strategic enterprise education drives a deeper connection between employers and academic institutions. These connections enable corporations to strategically use employee education to drive sustainable business growth. Employees get to take a powerful next step in their careers, through the highest-quality academic institutions, which results in meaningful impact for the employee, the employer and the greater community.”

Vivek Sharma, CEO, InStride

How education impacts the lives of learners

Strategic enterprise education from InStride moves your business forward

CEO’s overwhelmingly agree strategic education programs deliver:

Business Growth


Innovation and Digital Transformation


Culture and Employee Engagement






Recruitment and Retention


Question: “How effective are your education programs in achieving the following outcomes?” Source: PwC, 23rd Annual Global CEO Survey, 2019

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