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The $28 billion problem

Today, companies spend over $28 billion annually on tuition assistance programs. The problem: only 2% of employees participate with little to no impact.

InStride is the smarter way

How Strategic Enterprise Education™ opens the door to success.


Every education program is specially-designed to deliver your business goals and make unparalleled change that’s both impactful to the business and successful for employees — from ROI to enrollment.


Our academic network is globally-recognized, best-in-class online education, and unlocks a wide range of degrees, credentials and academic offerings that are in demand with your industry.


Through a tech-enabled platform and dedicated admin support, we solve common barriers for administration and your employees with an all-in-one solution.

As your premier partner, we identify and measure performance every step of the way, constantly consulting with your stakeholders to meet the long-term business goal.

“Our work with InStride will help us provide top-rate educational opportunities for all our caregivers. The benefits of this program are vital to the health of Intermountain, opening the door for advancement while improving patient care and helping us continue to attract and retain the highest quality workforce.”

Heather Brace

Chief People Officer, Intermountain

Elevate your people. Enhance your business. Build your story.

By leveraging the power of education, InStride solves for crucial business hurdles that make a difference you can see for the long term.

Revenue and profitability

Life-changing education cultivates passionate, engaged employees that perform at their best across the front line, earning trust, loyalty, and affinity along the way.

Business agility

From tech to logistics, companies today are rapidly evolving, and workforce education offers in-demand skills that keep your capabilities ahead of the curve.

Talent attraction and retention

Attract the best and brightest talent through educational benefits that go above and beyond, while building long-term relationships with your best people.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

With education as a catalyst for equity, you remove barriers, level the playing field, and become part of the solution with a more diverse, inclusive workforce.

Corporate citizenship

Go beyond just employees — benefit spouses, children, peers, and entire communities by providing life-changing opportunities that impact generations.


Walk the talk with your brand values through an actionable program and purpose-driven efforts that truly make a difference for the bigger story.

Carvana: Educating towards better business agility

With the help of InStride, Carvana solved for demand and pivoted their people into new roles that would future-proof the business.

Greg's Story

An adult learner at Desert Financial embarks on his first education journey in years.

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