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October 11th, 2023 · 5 min read

Competency vs. skill: A crash course for HR pros

Differences between skills and competencies

Understanding employee skills

Understanding employee competencies

Skills and competencies examples

  • Operation of a specific POS system
  • Monitoring inventory levels and reporting shortages or overstock on the sales floor
  • Setting an IV line 
  • Health assessment and screening
  • Operation of a particular piece of manufacturing equipment, such as a forklift
  • Observing sales trends within current inventory and advising buying decisions based on those trends
  • Emotional resilience to provide support to patients and families during difficult times
  • Cost-consciousness to minimize warehouse production expenses and maximize profitability
  • Skillful and compassionate people management

Skills vs competencies: Why the difference matters

Hiring processes

Learning and development

Succession planning and internal mobility

The power of clarity: Understanding the skills-competencies distinction

You can address talent development challenges