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May 3rd, 2021 · 2 min read

Making the case for your diversity, equity and inclusion plan

making the case for your DEI strategy
  • Benchmarks
    Learn about industry benchmarks related to how companies perform on metrics such as the gender pay gap, racial diversity and more. Then, utilize the template provided to create surveys, measure how your company compares and set quarterly company goals.
  • Objectives and key results
    Access suggestions for action items and key results that align with program objectives including:
    - Diversity: Become a company that reinforces diversity from start to finish.
    - Equity: Create a culture that presents equal opportunities for all employees.
    - Inclusion: Build a culture of open communication and inclusivity.
  • Project roadmap
    Use the timeline template as a starting point to map out dates, deadlines and activities to keep the project moving forward and achieving desired results.
  • Dependencies
    Understand the key audiences and dependencies for a DEI program. Department leaders, for instance, will be responsible for helping initiative programs, surveys and best practices for creating a more inclusive work environment. Additionally, they’ll need to find time for training and create an environment that is open and safe for all employees. 

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