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October 29, 2020


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Infographic: Resolving skills shortage is top priority for companies and employees

accelerating upskilling with education

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Both companies and employees agree – upskilling is essential. 

The global pandemic has added another layer of complexity to the workforce skills shortage and accelerated the need to close that gap for both groups.

  • Companies: 68 percent of decision-makers report skills gaps in their current workforce that are limiting the organization’s growth
  • Employees: 57 percent of workers wish they had a more up-to-date skill set


Workers believe the pandemic will permanently change the nature of work. With employees not prepared with the right skills, companies struggle for qualified talent, which will have a huge impact on the GDP. So, how do business leaders promote business growth, as well as individual and social impact?

The following infographic highlights the issue and how strategic workforce education programs can drive upskilling of talent for the benefit of all.

To download this infographic, click here.

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