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August 26th, 2021 · 4 min read

Skills-based hiring requires continuous education - here's why

Why skills-based hiring and workforce education build the strongest teams

Benefit #1: Provides access to a wider, more diverse talent pool

Benefit #2: Strengthens employee retention

  • Prioritizes skills: Candidates are a better fit for their roles and employers have a better understanding of employee skills, enabling them to offer more relevant development opportunities that encourage them to stay.
  • Emphasizes “culture add”: Instead of hiring employees based on traditional “culture fit,” organizations select employees who share values but think differently, minimizing the risk that silos form.
  • Advances workplace diversity: Creates a more diverse workforce, which is connected to better retention.
  • Focuses on candidates’ potential: By giving employers an overview of the skills in their organization, they can identify high-potential talent and connect them to opportunities for internal mobility.

Benefit #3: Paves the way for effective career pathing

Best of both

You can address talent development challenges