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April 15, 2021

The skills revolution: A call for co-creation and collaboration between employers and higher education

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The skills revolution is upon us, and has become a top priority for good reason.

More than one billion people worldwide need to reskill by 2030, as jobs are transformed by emerging Industry 4.0 technologies. By next year, the World Economic Forum estimates 133 million new jobs in major economies will be created to meet these increasing demands.

A key to preparing employees for the skills revolution is a united, strategic effort between corporations and colleges, universities and other education providers.

This value proposition of education and corporate partnerships offers extraordinary potential. Organizations realize significant benefits and training efficiencies. Academic institutions expand beyond traditional degree offerings, thus supporting a larger pool of learners through short-course programs, stackable certificates and modularized degrees. Working adult learners have the opportunity to rapidly upskill or reskill with courses and programs that can shorten their time to degree completion and kickstart their path towards career advancement.

The e-book by Huron and InStride, The Skills Revolution: A Call for Co-Creation and Collaboration Between Employers and Higher Education, covers topics including:

  • How to build successful partnerships between employers and academic institutions that drive meaningful outcomes.
  • Real-world case studies highlighting companies that have reaped the competitive rewards of an engaged, future-ready workforce.
  • Essential best practices for measuring the impact of talent development programs, connecting employees to the right resources and more.


Legacy approaches to workforce development and postsecondary education are no match for the scale of the reskilling and upskilling challenge. A new, modern approach is needed.

Higher education and corporate leaders can work together in unprecedented, innovative ways, paving the way for today’s adult learners and companies as they prepare for tomorrow.

To learn more, access the full e-book today.

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