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October 8, 2020

Infographic: Why workforce education is important and drives positive change in the COVID-19 era

workforce education covid 19
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The global pandemic has undoubtedly triggered far-reaching effects on and challenges for the economy, workforce and education. However, now is also a time for forward-thinking organizations to seize the opportunity presented by the shifting landscape and drive positive change with workforce education.

Workforce education plays an important role in our COVID-19 era by opening up avenues to achieve business as well as social impact, today and moving forward.

Our infographic highlights trends and data that address questions such as:

  • How can corporations contribute to meeting workforce challenges ahead?
  • What does higher education look like today?
  • Why does workforce education take an even more significant role during these uncertain times?
  • What are the risks caused by changes in the economy, education and workforce?
  • What is the value of corporate-purpose programs such as workforce education?


Share the infographic by downloading it here.

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