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March 2nd, 2020

5 ways your business benefits from higher ed and how it transforms your employees’ lives

5 ways your business benefits from higher ed

No. 1: Increased Commitment From Employees

Provides Employees Better Opportunities for Career Advancement 

Promoting From Within Leads to Long-term Sustainability and Better Performance

No. 2: Long-term Investment From Employees

Providing Higher Ed Opportunities Helps Employees Feel Secure

No. 3: New Pathways for Employees to Explore

Create Better Alignment With Career Interests

No. 4: Soft Skills for Better Decision-making and Innovation

Increase Employee Confidence and Performance

  • 87% reported their educational activities helped them feel more capable and well-rounded. 
  • 69% stated their learning opened up new perspectives about their lives. 
  • 64% said their learning helped them make new friends. 

No. 5: Long-term Contributions to Your Business

Stronger Networks, Collaboration, and Lifelong Learning

Make a Strategic Investment in Higher Education

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