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March 30, 2021

Universidad Tecmilenio adds stackable business administration degree and certificate courses in Strategic Leadership, Project Management, and Business Innovation

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MONTERREY, MEXICO & LOS ANGELES, CA — March 30, 2021 — Universidad Tecmilenio has increased its stackable business administration offerings for InStride’s corporate partners looking to upskill and retrain their employees.  

Tecmilenio has launched 12 new certificate programs that stack into one new bachelor’s degree program, offered fully in Spanish. The accredited education programs are offered completely online, and exclusive to InStride corporate partners based in the United States. The new educational offerings come at a critical time for workers worldwide and increase the number of programs in Spanish available through the InStride academic network. 

“These programs provide an opportunity for global employers to offer advanced credentials for their Spanish-speaking employees who could benefit from increasing their knowledge within their industry,” said Julio Peña Gaviria, Director of Corporate Universities for Universidad Tecmilenio. “We know that the number of employed Spanish speakers in the U.S. has been inordinately affected by furloughs and layoffs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“We are excited to offer these additional degree programs from Tecmilenio, given the current need. InStride‘s corporate partners continue to look for creative pathways to engage with different employee populations, particularly those who do not speak English as their first language and are more comfortable learning in Spanish,” said Michelle Westfort, Chief University Officer at InStride. “Tecmilenio is an innovator when it comes to offering quality online certificates and degree programs in Spanish.“ 

Universidad Tecmilenio was built to address global trends and the changing demands of the world of work, by empowering students to develop their life’s purpose and become active participants in designing their own educational programs. Tecmilenio boasts three innovative features to its education offering that focus on course flexibility, practical experience, and purpose-based coursework. 


Universidad Tecmilenio’s New Programs

Certificates (11-12 weeks, in Spanish, stack into the degree below):
  1. Certificate in Strategic Leadership
  2. Certificate in Sales
  3. Certificate in Fundamentals of Project Management (PMBO1)
  4. Certificate in Project Management (PMO2)
  5. Certificate in Project Portfolio Management (PM03)
  6. Certificate in Fundamentals of Innovation
  7. Certificate in Innovation Techniques and Methodologies
  8. Certificate in Innovation in Business
  9. Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  10. Certificate in Quality Management
  11. Certificate in Fundamentals of Positive Psychology 
  12. Certificate in Digital marketing


For-Credit Degree (in Spanish):
  1. Stackable Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (Licenciado en Administración de Negocios)


Interested employers are encouraged to contact an InStride representative to learn more about the educational opportunities available for their employees through  Tecmilenio and other universities within the InStride academic network including founding partner Arizona State University, the University of Wisconsin, and the CUNY School of Professional Studies.  InStride’s network of university partnerships spans three continents with universities based in the United States, Latin America, Australia, and Europe who are able to serve global online learners. 




John James Nicoletti

+1 310-954-1578

[email protected]


Universidad Tecmilenio

Andrea García

+1 811 199 1871

[email protected]   

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