Attract top talent with corporate education programs

Become an employer of choice by providing corporate education programs that candidates value. Provide lifelong-learning opportunities that improve your company’s ability to attract your future workforce.

Be an employment brand leader

InStride’s workforce education solution offers a differentiated, proven approach to learning that stands out and makes hiring great talent easier.

Top talent wanted

To stay ahead in a competitive world, you need employees who want to learn. We help organizations attract top talent with a growth mindset.

Create a competitive advantage

Our educational opportunities are more valuable than traditional tuition reimbursement and learning opportunities alone. Candidates see the difference immediately.

Opportunities for all

We offer in-demand credential, degree and skill-building programs that meet the needs of potential employees and even their families.

Engagement from day one

Our new-hire communication strategies make new employees aware of your education program. Increase 90-day retention without lifting a finger.

Starbucks recruits with education

The Starbucks College Achievement Plan (SCAP) helps their partners achieve their educational dreams. With just half of Americans finishing their college education, Starbucks set out to make an impact on their partners, communities, and the world.

  • 17,000+ current participating employees
  • 4,700 graduates
  • 20 percent of candidates say SCAP is a driving reason for application
  • 3x promotion rate over non-participating employees

Take your talent acquisition efforts to a new level

Many companies don’t spend time talking about learning opportunities during the hiring process. With a strategic approach, companies are enabled to:

  • Share the advantages of flexible education paths
  • Show real career outcomes
  • Tell the community-changing social impact story
  • Improve their employer brand
  • Attract untapped talent markets

Ready to attract top talent?

Discover how InStride can help improve your talent acquisition strategy.