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Technology, Media, Telco


Travel and Hospitality


Estimated 135% ROI

Culture and engagement

$3,169 – $3,873

Skills development

$2,161 – $2,641

Recruitment and retention

$5,250 – $6,417

Estimated annual value per learner


High School Completion

Undergraduate Degrees

Graduate Degress

Short Form Credentials/Skills

Average annual cost per learner


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Companies making an impact

InStride brings together top-tier educational institutions that have tried and tested online learning. We carefully curate a combination of education programs to meet the future needs of the workforce.

“We are committed to making this program as easy as possible for employees to access. This means removing possible barriers to entry and providing the support they need at each step of their educational journey.”

Lynn McKee

EVP Human Resources, Aramark

Did you know?

Most workforce education programs lack strategic design

A better step forward

Whether it’s out of reach or uneffective, traditional tuition assistance programs still fall flat. See how we’re changing this for good.

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