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InStride extended the successful relationships initially created between Starbucks, Uber and Arizona State University by making strategic enterprise education™ (SEE) programs available to more companies through additional leading global universities.

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Starbucks College Achievement Plan (SCAP)


Current participating employees


Of stores have at least one partner in the program


Of candidates who apply to Starbucks say SCAP is a driving reason


Promotion rate over non-participating employees

Promise and pursuit of the American Dream

The Starbucks College Achievement Plan launched in 2014 because they believe in the promise and pursuit of the American Dream. Realizing that only half of all Americans finish their college education, Starbucks set out to make a difference. Their program serves 100,000 eligible employees and 4,500 graduates to date.

Starbucks College Achievement Plan graduates:

Leveraging education and training to open a dialogue on bias at work

In partnership with Arizona State University, Starbucks continues to work to confront bias and racism beginning with the custom design of bias training and resources for employees and the public.

Uber and ASU: Driving toward opportunity


Eligible drivers or their beneficiaries


Driver awareness


Degrees offered


Tuition coverage for drivers or beneficiaries

Getting more from the road ahead

The Uber Pro rewards program was launched in 2018 to provide Uber drivers with the opportunity to achieve their long-term goals. Serving over 250,000 drivers, Uber provides full tuition coverage to qualifying drivers and their families to earn an undergraduate degree or take continuing education courses in English or Entrepreneurship.

Supporting the ambitions of drivers or their families

By giving drivers or a member of their family the opportunity to access high-quality education that fits around their lives, Uber is opening doors of opportunity for their people to reach their goals. Uber’s mission is to expand access to lifelong learning to more people, and offer a path forward for personal and professional advancement in the 21st century.

Uber | ASU student stories

Uber is proud to offer full tuition coverage at Arizona State University online to qualifying drivers or a family member. See their stories.

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