Advance your talent development strategy​

The world is changing fast and so are the skills employees and organizations need to develop in order to succeed. InStride offers a better option for talent development to upskill and reskill your entire workforce.

Developing employees is a top priority

Given the fast pace of innovation, employee or talent development has become a new mandate for organizations. However, executives struggle to keep workforce skills current and relevant in the face of rapid advancement. InStride’s unique approach gives organizations multiple ways to meet these new challenges.

Holistic approach to talent development

Prioritize both short- and long-term goals to maximize the impact of skill building, both today and well into the uncertain future.

Meeting your development goals

Work with our academic experts to determine the most in-demand roles within your industry and what skills will be required.

Education paths for everyone

Create talent development opportunities for everyone across the organization to get the skills they need to build right now, as well as for the long-term path forward.

A mix of short- and long-form courses

Access the flexibility and rigor of lifelong learning through credentials and degrees, as well as short courses offered by top-tier education providers.

Upskilling talent in the age of COVID

A report from Salesforce shows that since COVID-19

  • 57 percent of workers wish they had more up-to-date skills
  • 69 percent believe the pandemic will permanently change work

How can organizations upskill while acknowledging the pressure and uncertainty of the future? InStride created a guide to help organizations navigate the future of talent development.

Employee education paths tailored to achieve meaningful outcomes

More than ever before, a strategic approach to talent education is needed to address these monumental challenges. Organizations need to consider upskilling and reskilling an opportunity to:

  • Meet the needs of employees, concerned that an outdated skills set leaves them at a disadvantage
  • Meet the needs of the organization, anticipating and building necessary skills before they are required to face challenges tomorrow
  • Meet the needs of the broader community, creating a stronger workforce and more enriched lives for people

InStride has the talent development options for you

Make an impact with a tailored program that’s right for your organization, accessing quality education providers.


Degree programs from high school through doctorate


Certificate programs


Skill-building courses

You can address talent development challenges

See how a partnership with InStride can meet the challenges of tomorrow, with action today.