A modern, strategic approach to workforce education

Reshape and enhance your existing tuition reimbursement and assistance programs. We take what you and your employees value from workforce education programs, and make them better.

Create a flexible, integrated learning ecosystem

Whether you already have a set of learning solutions, are re-evaluating your current offerings or are looking to solve a problem, InStride offers a solution that brings it all together– aligning education paths to meaningful outcomes.

Tuition reimbursement

Like tuition assistance programs (TAP), we help organizations manage tuition assistance and provide meaningful credentials to employees. However, we go beyond traditional TAP to align education paths with your organizational goals and employee needs. 

Learning course libraries

Our solution and learning course libraries both offer employees curated education options. We help by supplementing traditional courses with top-tier university education, skill-building courses, as well as meaningful credentials and degrees.

Corporate learning programs

Our unique approach improves corporate learning and development programs by introducing new career and skills opportunities for your people with curated learning paths.

Why your employees want more than traditional tuition assistance programs

Employees want and need more than traditional tuition assistance provides. InStride created a whitepaper to help organizations take a strategic, comprehensive approach to workforce education which:

  • Improves program awareness and participation
  • Leverages workforce education to improve engagement, retention and recruitment
  • Achieves better results

Strengthen your learning programs

InStride unlocks the power of workforce education in ways that other learning solutions alone simply can’t. We uniquely deliver to you and your employees:

  • A customized workforce education program strategically aligned to the needs of your people and business
  • Multi-channel marketing that maximizes awareness, engagement and ROI
  • Participation rates 2-10x higher than traditional TAP and other learning solutions
  • A comprehensive and flexible platform that streamlines administrative tasks
  • White-glove service and comprehensive employee support
  • Ongoing insights through key data analytics and reporting

Complete your learning and development strategy

See how InStride can tailor a program to enhance and work with your existing program.