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July 18th, 2023 · 5 min read

Shaping the future of work: 3 insights from InStride Impact Summit 2023

  1. The power of partnerships: It’s an everyone-wins situation when academic institutions, businesses and their employees collaborate to deliver strategic workforce education.
  2. Hire for skills, advance with degrees: Skills are critical in hiring, but it’s essential to continue skills development and career growth through strategic learning post-hire.
  3. From expense to advantage: Data-driven workforce education is the key to up-leveling learning from a cost center to a strategic lever with proven value.

#1 – Collaboration: The key to building the workforce of the future, together

#2 – Unlocking potential: The winning combination of skills-based hiring and education

#3 – Elevating workforce education: The data-driven approach 

  • $630+ million in student loan debt prevented, thanks to employer-sponsored programs
  • 2x program participation rate over traditional approaches
  • 4x reduction in attrition rates
  • 3x ROI by reducing costs driven by turnover, recruitment and onboarding

That’s a wrap

You can address talent development challenges