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February 6, 2023


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Why the most successful retailers invest in their workforce with Chuck Rubin

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This video is the second in a four-part series “Workforce InFocus”, which explores the role of workforce education in business success from industry leaders.

After working in retail during high school and college, Chuck Rubin went on to reinvent the retail customer experience as President and CEO of Ulta Beauty and oversee more than a billion dollars in sales growth as Chair and CEO of Michaels. What he learned was that modern customers aren’t just seeking a product — they want a solution. That, he says, takes knowledgeable, engaged workers. 

It’s clear that the retail landscape is rapidly changing. “The old-time paradigm that the workforce at a retail company is simply an expense line is old school,” says Rubin. Throughout the years, he’s learned that it’s not about how to minimize labor expenses, but how to optimize those dollars to better support the workforce. “The most successful retailers today are looking at the workforce as an investment.” 

Rubin has found that investing in employees through education is also crucial to retaining them. “There are a lot of things that retailers do to minimize turnover rate. But above all, it’s about purpose, and bringing your workforce into that purpose and giving them the tools to not only contribute to the company but also to better themselves.” 

Learn why Rubin thinks that workforce education is the key to remaining competitive in today’s retail environment.

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