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October 28th, 2022 · 6 min read

An education platform built for the modern, ROI-driven CHRO

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Key components of an effective workforce education technology platform


1. A user experience designed for your learners that drives ROI

2. An adaptable platform that meets your needs

  • Integrated billing and reporting in one place
  • Program customizations (learning options, coverage, etc.) for different groups of employees
  • Coordination between disconnected internal systems to determine employee eligibility
  • Autonomy for franchisees to choose to adopt the program or modify their own eligibility rules
  • Different spending and tuition coverage caps by groups of employees or program type
  • Reaching a Spanish speaking language population in their language of choice
  • Your company might have a legacy workforce education program – we’ll work with you to connect it with your new platform so that your learners can access their programs through one portal. 
  • You might have unique budgetary requirements, or geographies or security specs – we are SOC 2 compliant with a platform that works in more than 160 countries and are ready to dive in and craft a solution that works. 
  • You might have thousands of franchises - we’ll launch dedicated sub-platforms for each franchisee to operate their own program that meets their needs.

3. ROI and learner insights that can guide your financial decisions

4. An interface that reflects your culture and brand

You can address talent development challenges