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June 15th, 2022 · 4 min read

Live, unbiased support: A simple way to enhance your employees’ learning journey

  • “How does my company’s workforce education program work?” 
  • “Do I qualify for the program?” 
  • “How do I select the right courses?” 

Why it matters

Benefits of Personal Education Advisors

  • Improved employee participation and engagement: Learners who have access to support with live, on-demand Personal Education Advisors are more likely to participate in the learning experience, and, as a result, be more engaged employees.
  • Scaled support of employee education offering: Free up your HR and management teams’ valuable time by directing employee education questions to our learning experts.
  • Stronger education and career outcomes: Send your learners on an intentional path to great education outcomes with expert learning and career guidance. The result? Improved skill acquisition, graduation and promotion rates.

Personal Education Advisors: Who they are

example of InStride personal education advisors

Types of support and guidance

  • Corporate partner-specific questions: About their employer’s program details and program coverage. 
  • Academic program questions: Which education programs are available, how to navigate admissions and how to best plan their education objectives.
  • General education support: The InStride learner experience, prepping for education readiness, plus costs and financial aid.

Ready to activate a better learner experience?

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