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March 30th, 2022 · 3 min read

10 employee engagement statistics you need to know in 2024

employee engagement figure from gallup

Employee engagement statistics

  • Employee engagement has a very real impact on organizational success. Companies with highly engaged workforces are 24% more profitable. (Gallup)
  • Disengaged employees cost organizations an estimated $450-550 billion each year. (The Engagement Institute)
  • 80% of employees said learning and development opportunities would help them feel more engaged on the job. (Udemy)
  • 35% of L&D professionals are looking for new ways to increase learner engagement. This was among the top 3 priorities in L&D for 2020. (LinkedIn)
  • Engaged employees are 44% more productive than workers who merely feel satisfied and an employee who feels engaged and inspired is 125% more productive than the unsatisfied staffer. (Bain & Company)
  • Millennials’ engagement is up to 75% in 2021, a huge jump from 35% in 2019. Key variables affecting engagement — helping them feel well-prepared, remote work and keeping them informed about what’s going on in the organization. (Gallup)
  • 2 out of 3 employers say that maintaining employee morale during the pandemic has been a challenge, particularly for companies that have 500 employees or more. (Society for Human Resource Management)
  • 47% of higher educated workers said a limited career path could get them to leave for a better opportunity. (Randstad)
  • 94% of employees would stay in their current role longer if the company invested in their professional development. (LinkedIn)
  • Companies that take an experiential approach to employee engagement are shown to have 4x the profit and 2x the revenue as other companies. (HBR

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