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March 7th, 2024 · 4 min read

Leveraging L&D to improve employee performance

The role of learning in employee performance

How to leverage learning programs to improve employee performance

Align learning to employee career goals

Identify and target skills gaps

Promote talent mobility

Plan for future vacancies

Measuring the impact of learning programs on employee performance

  1. Define key performance metrics
    It’s important to identify the right employee performance metrics and track fluctuations (or lack thereof) in these metrics as individual employees engage with learning programs.
  2. Collect quantitative and qualitative data
    You’ll also need to supplement performance metrics with qualitative data such as manager and employee feedback and survey results. This allows you to better understand how your employees feel about their performance after engaging with L&D.
  3. Consider employee engagement
    Finally, consider that employee engagement and learning are closely linked by using engagement data to understand shifts in morale and motivation made by L&D initiatives.

L&D fuels growth for all

You can address talent development challenges