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December 15, 2020


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Infographic: How to advance DE&I in an automated world

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By 2025, 85 million global jobs will disappear as a consequence of automation. 

Those being disproportionately impacted include people of color. 

The Brookings Institution assessed the automation potential of 20 occupations in which underrepresented and minority groups are most concentrated. They found that Latinos face the highest potential impact of automation, at almost 60 percent, closely followed by Blacks at 50 percent. 

The good news is that automation will also create new jobs. The World Economic Forum forecasts that between now and 2025, 97 million new roles will emerge that are better suited for a more heavily automated economy. This puts companies in a position to promote DE&I by providing access to quality education and additional career pathways for all.

It’s important to know how to harness the power of education to advance your workforce along with your DE&I goals. In this infographic, we cover four ways to design a skill-building program for all employees as companies continue to break down barriers for greater diversity and inclusion.

how to design a skill building program infographic


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