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June 30th, 2023 · 5 min read

9 essential data points for measuring training effectiveness

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How to measure training effectiveness

  • Program completion rates
  • Employee learner grades and scores
  • Program engagement
  • Program ROI
  • Employee satisfaction: How has the experience of learning affected employee satisfaction?
  • Employee performance: Has learning translated into improved performance or productivity?
  • Employee learning capacity: Has the employee excelled in their learning program and would they be a good candidate for additional education or leadership training?
  • Skills gap coverage: Are the company’s skills gaps being addressed by employee learning?
  • Real-world application of skills: Does employee learning extend beyond theoretical concepts?

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Data collection methods for measuring training

Collecting quantitative data

Collecting qualitative data

Employee surveys

Employee goals and performance

1:1 conversations

Frameworks for measuring training effectiveness

Kirkpatrick four-level evaluation model

Phillips ROI model

Anderson model of learning evaluation

The power of data-driven training and development

You can address talent development challenges