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April 19th, 2022 · 5 min read

Must-know tactics for a modern L&D strategy

The learning and development strategy framework

  • Flexibility
    Effective L&D programs are nimble — shifting and adapting as different needs arise. This means you should be taking stock of your program’s success rate regularly, and making adjustments when necessary. 
  • Adequate resourcing
    Employees should have access to sufficient educational tools to equip them with the skills needed to thrive within their position. This is likely going to look like a combination of on-the-job training and digital learning solutions.
  • A personalized approach to learning
    A one-size-fits-all approach is rarely successful when it comes to learning and development. Employees of different roles, abilities, educational backgrounds and learning styles have a variety of learning needs. Programs should be strategically designed with these varying needs in mind to ensure that every employee is able to take advantage, no matter where they are in their learning journey.
  • Stakeholder assessment
    Even the most well-designed L&D strategy needs both executive and employee-level buy-in to be successful. L&D can’t exist in a silo, and if leadership’s not on board, no program will work.

    In many organizations, learning programs have traditionally been viewed as a cost center. Luckily, modern tools and measurement methods allow us to better understand the value of a robust L&D strategy. As a people leader, it’s necessary to leverage these tools to illustrate how L&D benefits the business overall, with a holistic strategy that clearly supports broader organizational goals.

    On the employee side, engagement is equally important. This means talking to your people — ask them what they feel their most pressing learning and development needs are and see if you can tailor your program to meet those needs for maximum engagement. Getting all parties behind a common goal builds the momentum you need to set your initiatives up for success.

Developing a learning and development strategy for a modern workforce

Focus on the learner experience

Remove barriers to learning and education

Offer a breadth of learning options and formats

Take advantage of online learning solutions

Learning and development is the future of work

You can address talent development challenges