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January 12, 2021


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Success story: One employee's inspiring path to higher education

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Yadira, an Executive Assistant and Event Planner working in the financial services industry, graduated from high school, then spent the next, busy 20 years balancing home, kids and a full-time job. Through all that time, Yadira knew that she wanted to earn a college degree, but the idea of returning to school was daunting.

Now, Yadira is turning her goal of getting a degree into a reality with the support of her employer Desert Financial Credit Union (DFCU) and InStride.

Check out this video and learn how Yadira is earning her bachelor’s degree, tuition-free through DFCU’s InvestED program.

Strategically designed with InStride, the InvestED program is a new approach to support workforce education that empowers lifelong learners like Yadira. The program also provides DFCU — an organization that cares deeply about sharing success with their members, their team and the broader community — with an effective way to consistently invest in its employees growth and development.

“This company cares about its employees. They’re investing in my own professional and personal development. Going back to school and getting my degree is something that I’ve always wanted to do. When they said Desert Financial is going to pay full tuition for you to go back to school…I thought, I have to take advantage of this. No more excuses.”