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March 6, 2023


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The importance of talent development with Nancy Schlichting

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This video is the fourth in a four-part series of Workforce InFocus, which explores the role of workforce education in business success from industry leaders.

Named one of the 100 most influential leaders in healthcare, Nancy Schlichting served as President and CEO of Henry Ford Health System. Through her efforts, Schlichting successfully grew the healthcare organization from $2.5B to $5B during one of the most dramatic downturns in Detroit’s history — in part, by staying committed to education and leadership development, even during the hardest economic times.

Throughout her career, Schlichting’s mantra has always been to focus on people. “I used to say that my job is to care for the people who care for the people. One way you do that is through education and workforce development,” explains Schlichting. She also prioritized diversity within Ford’s workforce and nurtured cultural competence throughout the organization to better serve Ford’s highly diverse patient population 

To deliver exceptional and innovative patient care — the fundamental goal of any healthcare system — you need a strong and diverse workforce that feels supported and hopeful. This is especially true in tough economic markets. When organizations are cutting education and leadership development, Schlichting believes in doubling down on learning and growth.  

See how Schlichting’s investment in people paid off for Ford Health System and the education strategy she used to solve her biggest challenges.

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