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February 5th, 2024 · 4 min read

The power workforce education brings to your recruitment strategy

Why it matters: Valued offering, employer brand, DEI and more

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How to leverage workforce education as a recruitment strategy

Cover the basics

  • Job descriptions: Include in-house training and workforce education opportunities in your job descriptions. This can help you attract the kinds of curious lifelong learners your workplace will need in the coming decades to keep up with the rapid pace of change.
  • Website: Highlight your workforce education program in talent acquisition content such as your company’s careers or culture section.
  • Emails: If you have a large applicant database, consider running dedicated email campaigns that prominently display your workforce education program. A targeted approach like this enables you to gauge program interest from your pool of prospective candidates.
  • Learner testimonials: Shine a spotlight on the life-long learning opportunities gained by your people who have participated in your workforce education program. These stories can be shared through a variety of formats, such as videos or case studies, and be featured across key web pages and social media.

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Expand social media reach

  • More communities: Explore other communities and apps where you can find the right people. These can include TikTok, Snapchat and even Spotify. 
  • More industry-leading content: Position your company as a trusted resource. In addition to utilizing your current networks for posting job ads, share insights about industry trends, news and the value of workforce education in the industries you’re recruiting from.
  • More formats: Expand on the types of formats used. For example, video testimonials from employee learners can be an extremely effective way to capture job seekers’ attention.

Maximize the value of employer review sites

  • Opportunities: Include workforce education opportunities in your company profile and job descriptions on Glassdoor, Indeed, etc.
  • Endorsements: Encourage current employees participating in your workforce education program to share their experience in their reviews.
  • Amplification: Post or link to these positive employee reviews for further amplification on your social channels.

Look internally to build your talent pipeline

  • Advertise: Promote job opportunities internally, as well as externally.
  • Career education paths: Develop career education paths that align with specific roles and arm managers with the training and resources needed to support employees who want to take advantage.
  • Leadership: Recognize, recruit and grow leaders from within your company. 82 percent of senior leaders said developing future leaders is the most pressing challenge their company faces. Providing workforce education prepares current employees to be internally recruited for these key leadership roles.

Start now: Boost your recruitment strategy with workforce education

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