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March 15th, 2023 · 5 min read

Competency mapping: A quick-and-easy guide for HR leaders

What is competency mapping?

  • Knowledge is the expertise an employee needs for the role.
  • Skills are what enable employees to do or accomplish the responsibilities of the role. 
  • Personal attributes are how an employee will successfully approach or respond to any given situation. This might include characteristics such as attitude, business acumen, sense of ambition, empathy, leadership or other traits.

The importance of competency mapping

How people teams can benefit from competency mapping

Improved hiring and recruitment processes

Inform learning and development strategy

skills gap analysis template cta

Enable succession planning 

Competency mapping process

#1: Define 

#2: Assess

#3: Analyze and take action

#4: Revisit

The value of competency mapping

You can address talent development challenges