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September 1st, 2022 · 5 min read

10 valuable employee engagement metrics to inform your strategy

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How are employee engagement metrics captured?

  • Pulse surveys: These are short, frequent check-ins that are administered on a continuous basis. Pulse surveys typically include less than 5 questions and are meant to capture employee sentiment about a specific initiative or the company as a whole.
  • Engagement surveys: Delivered quarterly or bi-annually, these longer-form surveys take a broader view of employee sentiment with questions aimed at diving deeper into certain subjects or aspects of the business. 
  • Employee net promoter score (eNPS): This is a simple, point-based scoring method that allows you to assign a numerical figure to employee feedback.
  • Manager/direct report communication: The manager/employee relationship is one that can yield many insights about employee engagement. As part of management training, managers should be encouraged to seek out candid feedback from their direct reports during regular check-ins. 

10 essential metrics for tracking employee engagement


Employee turnover


Voluntary employee turnover


New hire 90-day failure rate



  • Are you proud of the work you do here?
  • Do you feel supported in your goals by management?
  • Do you have adequate access to growth and professional development opportunities?


L&D participation


Employee absenteeism


Employee satisfaction


Employee performance

skills gap analysis template cta


Online company ratings


Customer happiness


The ROI of employee engagement

You can address talent development challenges