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January 25th, 2024 · 5 min read

A new way to think about corporate education

What is corporate education?

Types of corporate education programs

  • Training is often grouped under the umbrella term that is “corporate education.” Training content is typically designed to teach practical skills that can be applied on the job. It can include in-house resources, such as onboarding materials that cover company-specific processes for new hires, as well as external content that can be accessed through a vendor, such as a massive online course provider (MOOC). Training can be delivered in-person, or online via an in-house platform or through third-party software, such as a learning management system (LMS).

  • Tuition reimbursement programs are when an employer refunds all or part of a worker’s educational expenses. Workers are usually provided with a set of stipulations that specify eligible courses and programs, as well as the total reimbursable amount which can be limited to a specific timeframe. This enables employees to earn credentials at a reduced cost while working full-time.

  • Strategic workforce education solutions offer a comprehensive suite of courses and programs, strategically selected to support an organization’s unique needs and business objectives. Learning opportunities can include short-form training courses, to professional certifications and under- or postgraduate degree programs. A distinct characteristic of strategic workforce education is direct billing, which alleviates the financial burden off of the employee by enabling companies to bill the academic institution directly.

How to evolve corporate education for the new world of work

Prioritize accessibility 

Incorporate flexible learning options

Provide employees with support

Invest in measurable solutions

Align employee education to business objectives

Benefits of corporate education

Business performance

Talent attraction

Talent mobility

Employee retention

Diversity, equity and inclusion

From training to transformation: A new vision for corporate education

You can address talent development challenges