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April 13th, 2022 · 4 min read

4 innovative ways to enhance digital learning in the workplace

Is digital learning effective?

The benefits of digital learning in the workplace

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4 effective ways to improve the digital learning experience at work

  • Prioritize technology that’s simple to use and manage
    When leveraging digital learning, make sure the technology you choose is modern and simple to use — both for employees and HR administrators. Identify a robust, easy-to-use technology platform that minimizes administrative effort, enables learner engagement and has reporting capabilities to help you monitor performance and demonstrate impact.
  • Align digital learning with other development methods
    A key benefit of digital learning is that it works well alongside other L&D practices. Encourage employees to explore ways to round out their educational journey with other activities like mentorship or sponsorship programs, job crafting or cross-functional collaboration. This can help adult learners expand their professional abilities in a way that extends beyond their formal learning.
  • Expand learning offerings to include a workforce education program
    Access to online training is a great first step but is rarely enough to transform your workforce and arm your people with the most in-demand skills needed for the future. If workforce education isn't already part of your L&D strategy, consider implementing a program that is strategically designed to supplement your existing digital learning and training initiatives.
    By now, it’s known that one-size-fits-all learning doesn’t work for the modern workforce. A strategic workforce education program enables employees to earn degrees, credentials and certificates that align with their varying career goals and meet the unique talent needs of your business. 
  • Don’t overlook soft skills
    Soft skills are critical to leadership development, but they’re often left behind when organizations set out to design a digital learning strategy. If one goal of your L&D efforts is to build an internal leadership pipeline, place emphasis on soft skills such as communication abilities, empathy, emotional intelligence or cultural valuation — to name a few.  

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