One platform keeps it simple

Move your business forward with a curated learner experience for your workforce. InStride’s platform is simple for administrators to launch and maintain, and has the features employees need to navigate towards a career path.

Easy to manage. Hard to beat.

Our best-in-class technology makes it easy for you to get employees enrolled online, while valuable analytics stay at your fingertips.


Our white-label platform is customized for your workforce and business.


Engage employees with unique paths aligned to your business needs.


Measure real-time effectiveness with in-depth reporting tools.

One end-to-end experience

Our easy-to-use platform provides a single gateway to our network of academic partners. Simplifying management for administrators, while streamlining the experience for learners.

Branded platform

Leverage a white-label solution designed to showcase your brand in front of current frontline and future employees.

Streamlined process

Take control with features that reduce administrative time, including optional approvals, corporate direct billing and more.

Integrated marketing

Harness a series of omni-channel strategies and assets provided by our in-house marketing team to boost participation.

Performance analytics

Get actionable insights that shine light on everything from an employee’s engagement and progress to your spending and ROI.

Personalized journeys

Put talent on a recommended learning path with high-quality learning options based on their roles and their goals, as well their educational background.

Learning support

Access a library of video resources and other tools that empower success for employees of all job titles and backgrounds.

Simple integration

Our platform connects seamlessly with other tuition assistance programs or learning management systems.

See better results with a streamlined, centralized approach

More unified

Bring everything together into one single, easy-to-use solution.

More flexible

Integrate our flexible programs tailored to your organization’s needs.

Our research fuels design

We leverage in-depth research with a diverse audience of learners to inform our product design, making meaningful connections with every decision.

Annette Neu, Director of Design at InStride, discusses how to design a learner-centric workforce education solution.

Take a closer look

See exactly how InStride’s flexible technology platform unlocks the power of education.

Take a closer look

See exactly how InStride’s flexible technology platform unlocks the power of education.