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InStride powers business growth and social impact through education. Future proof your employees and business with flexible education paths tailored to achieve meaningful outcomes.

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A new way to approach workforce education​

We create customized workforce education solutions with high ROI that make a positive impact on your business and your employees. Here are the three steps to our unique process that makes it successful.

Design a strategic education program

InStride starts by designing a program that’s strategically aligned to your organization’s needs.

This includes mapping your program to objectives like upskilling/reskilling, retention, development and engagement while determining the right education paths, coverage and eligibility.

Engage your workforce

InStride then works with your team to get the word out, ensuring success for both your employees and your organization. Your organization gets full white-glove marketing and success support from the very beginning to drive interest and enrollment, as well as ongoing employee success.

Manage and scale effectively

InStride makes it easy to implement, manage and keep your program running. Our flexible platform minimizes the administrative burden needed to support employee participation and helps you understand how it’s working with key analytics and reporting.

Case Study: Starbucks College Achievement Plan

Launched in 2014 with Arizona State University, the Starbucks College Achievement Plan (SCAP) helps its partners achieve their educational dreams. With just half of Americans finishing their college education, Starbucks set out to make an impact on partners, communities, and the world.

  • 4,700+ graduates and 17,000+ current participating employees
  • 20 percent of candidates say SCAP is a driving reason
  • 3x promotion rate over non-participating employees

The InStride difference

Top-tier academic network

Our global network of academic institutions provides access to over 1,500 degree programs, credentials and skill-building courses designed for working adults and their families with a record of success.

Advanced technology

Understand eligibility, drive awareness, guide employees, streamline billing and deliver reporting in concert with our marketing and success support to unlock a powerful platform that’s simple for everyone to use.

Meaningful social impact

Drive social change to truly impact lives and communities. Increase job opportunities, earning potential and livelihoods without the burden of high debt and inequity inherent in higher education.

Real business growth

Achieve your specific goals – whether it’s creating a more attractive employer brand, upskilling employees, increasing diversity, improving retention or some combination of those. Our education solutions are designed to deliver high ROI.

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