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July 28, 2020

Infographic: Education as an equalizer to advance workforce diversity

time for a disruption infographic
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Education has the power to build, strengthen and sustain a society. Companies also benefit from the positive impact of education.

However, while certain racial and ethnic groups are propelled toward even more success as a result of high-quality education, others with less access to high-quality education have been disenfranchised and continually held back. In other words, workforce equality has been limited by unequal access to quality education. It’s time to break that cycle and truly make education an equalizer.

So now industry leaders need to make a choice: Will they take active roles in advancing workplace racial and ethnic diversity, equity and inclusion? And if yes, how can workforce education be leveraged to make real change when it comes to equality and advancing a company?

Benefits of workplace diversity

In the modern workplace, racial and ethnic diversity stands as a recognized value that helps drive a corporation’s ability to adapt, innovate, grow and maintain a competitive advantage. 

Companies are more likely to benefit from these advantages when they go beyond meeting the minimum requirements for legal compliance. Additionally, expectations are high for corporate CEOs with 64% of people globally expecting CEOs to lead social change.

Impact of quality education

Forward-thinking industry leaders are in a position to usher in the next era of workforce equality and diversity. 

The infographic below offers:


Corporate education as an equalizer statistics - infographic

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