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May 23rd, 2024 · 5 min read

Actionable tips for an effective people strategy

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What is a people strategy?

  • Recruitment: This pillar focuses on attracting external talent that propels the vision, growth, and success of your organization.
  • Retention: This ensures that employees remain engaged, enthusiastic, and committed, both to fulfilling their roles effectively and to continuing their journey with the company.
  • Development: By supporting employees in enhancing their skills and achieving their career goals, this pillar not only fosters individual growth but also advances the broader business objectives of your organization.

How does a people strategy differ from an HR strategy?

Why is having a people strategy important?

Three key benefits to a people strategy

Foster an exceptional employee experience

Build an internal talent pipeline

Create a culture of learning

Tips for an effective people strategy 

Define how you support employees at each stage of the employee lifecycle

Create formal employee development plans

Be strategic about learning and development

  • Are these learning opportunities directly addressing the skills gaps in my organization?
  • Are these learning opportunities targeting the skills required to fill our most critical current and future roles?
  • Are these learning opportunities easily accessible to the employees that need them the most?

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Include company culture in every aspect of your people strategy

A people strategy for today and beyond

You can address talent development challenges